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(Words) Mother’s Day..Father’s Day…6/24….’Dating’???…. The kids….Life..

First we are gonna get right into 6/24. If you are in the know, (or if you keep reading one), you know that today is Melissa’s birthday. She would have been 36

(Grown Folks Talk) Email answers, Nightmares, questions and sleeping…

Been awhile since you have heard from ‘me’ I know. I would apologize about that but I have a pretty good pulse on my MAIN readership and I know that you guys

(Words) I thought I would want to watch the last grains of sand disappear in the hourglass…a doorway…

My last two losses in my life I was ‘around’ in body for those last grains of sand… I saw them cascading down to the bottom of the hourglass..I was in a

(Words) Year One…. I never knew this would happen…

December 3rd 2013…. I think if you would have asked me if I would still be here this time last year I would have given you a resounding ‘Why WOULDN’T I BE?”.

(Words) The question is no longer will I find someone who wants to live their life with me..

The question now is do I want to live this Life with myself…. *One love feeds the fire. One heart does desire.. Wonder whose….. Two hearts born to run….Who will be the

(Words) Who Knew That The ‘Cost’ Of Having My Dreams Come True Would Be ‘You’

As the Five Star song goes… “We used to be together…making dreams….making plans..” Building together. But instead of you ‘leaving that love behind’, I’m the one who is ‘left behind’. With thoughts

(Words) Constant Helplessness..the Aftermath….Summer…..vacations…..companionship….

        *Sighs* Warm night…can’t sleep….Too hurt… too weak.. – Con Funk Shun Love’s Train..   Unfortunately, there’s no number I can dial..(You have to know the words to that