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(Grown Folks Talk/guest blogger) Now a word from @MichelleRoaya that we could all stand to hear.

I find myself lately asking if the statement “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” even means anything to the human race anymore. Innocent

(Hip Hop/audio/Grown Folks Talk) The homie @ChrisSkillz Ft. @Hookkilla X Suicidal Note prod. by @HookKilla

The title says it all. Sort of. Chris gets introspective on that ass. Bout time someone addressed some of these issues head on.

(Grown Folks Talk) Fellas (and some ladies): Stop the ‘fuzzy math’ when it comes to sexual #’s. Better yet. Stop asking. ..

Just like this magical ‘hoe number’ some ya’ll have outchea.. @ folks who don’t have answer for this equation.  Ask about his/her health. (Recurring theme throughout this post. Won’t be the last

(Words/videos/Grown Folks Talk) Courtesy of my boy @Shane_MSGDUTI

I remember having these same revelations (thoughts, fears, questions, all of that..) as a young man as I was growing up. Luckily, there were folks around to help even when I didn’t

Grown Folks Talk: This sudden acceptance of not being ‘man enough’ and the people who push that agenda..

 I keep seeing this particular saying pop up in my TL, my feeds and in general ‘talk’ amongst men.  “I’m just not man enough to do…” (Record scratch) What did you say?

(Words, Grown Folks Talk) Oh it is THAT time of year again….

The time of year when we look back at the year’s biggest, brightest, dumbest, and all the other ‘est’ that the year has had to offer. (Hell I might make a ‘best

(Words/Grown Folks Talk) Part 2…On: Role models/making your bed/never did it but know how..

Disclaimer: If you like to live in fantasyland, fairy tales and all of that other shit…Don’t READ ANY FURTHER. We won’t be doing that here. This is the raw truth. It might

(Words/Grown Folks Talk) I wanna blog about it but I might hurt ya’lls feelings…

@ the Tiger/Shaq/Gilbert/slash celebs cheating and cats getting all up in arms about it. I will ask this question for now though… How many times are we gonna fall for the banana

(Grown Folk’s Talk) Perfect Person Part 2…The My Way Or The Highway…thing..

I guess I could let the sign speak for the post and leave it at that. Naw. You know I’m not going to do that. In case you missed Part 1. It

(Grown Folk’s Talk) ‘Perfect People’ and their misguided sense of entitlement..

Listen, I think we ALL want things a certain way. We want our meals prepped a certain way. The weather to be ideal for what we like to do. The things some