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(Grown Folks Talk) Email answers, Nightmares, questions and sleeping…

Been awhile since you have heard from ‘me’ I know. I would apologize about that but I have a pretty good pulse on my MAIN readership and I know that you guys

(Grown Folks Talk) I had to get one of my ‘hers’ the help that ‘She’ needed..

Of course, by now, you know the backstory so I’m gonna jump right into it. “You know that you and the kids are gonna need to talk to someone…” – You“…….” –

(Grown Folks Talk/Poetry) She Dreams Of Losing Me and I Dream of Losing ‘Her’

She Dreams Of Losing Me and I Dream of Losing ‘Her’ November 19th….sleep has been quite elusive since that morning and the gap between good night and good morning has become ever

(Grown Folks Talk) It’s been a month already X Blackout on Blog lifted aka the Women Are Back

The song says it all…  Yesterday made it a month since you’ve been gone. I probably won’t do it like THIS every month but I’m also sure I won’t stop counting ‘em

(Grown Folks Talk) Saying what you have to say and then saying ‘It wasn’t like that’ when there is NO OTHER WAY TO TAKE WHAT YOU SAID..

The irony that is my current situation that this VERY TOPIC WAS SLATED TO BE DELVED INTO ANYWAY. Not lost on me. At all.

(Pictures/GROWN FOLKS TALK) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of MY LIFE: @OneoftheMs

It was great to see folks come out for Melissa. @ the funeral. Thank you all for coming. Truly. She will be the LAST TWITTER 2 X CHROMOSOME OF THE WEEK as

(Words/Grown Folks Talk) Bounding folks by ‘your rules’ and then TURNING AROUND AND SAYING THEY AREN’T YOU..

This is one is touchy. I know it is. Too many folks around me do this. This is why I am writing it though. It needs to be said. Nobody is standing

(Words/Grown Folks Talk) Y’all out here screaming out ‘World…’ in videos but mad when White folks are amused at your plight… Interesting.

Pulling out your phone to record ‘something’ then repping where you are from………then wondering why the cops know ‘who, what, where, when, why…and HOW’…-_-. You know, as a child, I used to

(Grown Folks Talk) When you reach the point where you are like ‘Damm..I’m probably never gonna satisfy the needs of XYZ..

…but you’ve given it your all or at least so you think so at the time.* I’m not going to get TOO specific about what XYZ is but I’m pretty SURE that

(Words/Grown Folks Talk) The slut shaming phrase ‘What will her (future) kids think?" X Apes of Wrath Syndrome

Pretty sure you have heard someone sling this mud before. I know I have seen it tossed around like a firecracker anytime someone wants to make a woman ‘feel small’ about a