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Walking The Walk With A Person Who Is walking THAT WALK..

As many of you know, my wife passed. Here is a peek into things.... More »


(Mega Post) @CubanDolllv X aka Anivlis…Another one..

She puts up TONS OF PICS so that is how these end up as Mega Posts. Otherwise, I would be putting up pics of her EVERY 3 HOURS…LMAO No complaints though from me. @ how she does it what she does.

You’ve seen her before here.  and here..

Let me save SOME of you some embarrassment though before you go thinking of tweeting your ‘best lines’ at her or hitting her up on Instagram with the ‘extra’ shit. Don’t. lmao There is a captioned conversation down at the bottom that pretty much explains why…

Just enjoy the pics, hit the like, keep whatever comment you make light and keep on pushing is what I suggest. As you should be doing to begin with..

This is a super throwback…

This is a throwback…

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