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Walking The Walk With A Person Who Is walking THAT WALK..

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(Grown Folks Talk) When you reach the point where you are like ‘Damm..I’m probably never gonna satisfy the needs of XYZ..

…but you’ve given it your all or at least so you think so at the time.*

I’m not going to get TOO specific about what XYZ is but I’m pretty SURE that some of you can fill in your own blanks about what XYZ is for you.

Could be a parental expectation.

Could be a job.

Could be a ‘industry standard’ that ..well quite frankly not many are held to but for some reason YOU ARE HELD TO….

Could be satisfying someone else’s needs…wants…desires….

Could be a whole lot of shit. I will let you dictate what I am talking about today in a way. **

I think it goes without saying that most folks want to be able to be ‘counted’ on. Many of us don’t like to ‘give up’. The post title probably implies that I am condoning ‘giving up’. Rest assure, I’m doing no such thing. I’m just merely speaking of that time RIGHT BEFORE when it truly might be time to considering cutting bait and how some of us then ‘lose ourselves’trying to spite whatever obstacle, person or ideal. That’s is HOPEFULLY what this conveys. I’m human though so it may, as these things tend to do, go off tangent a bit. 

The best example I could probably give of this is pretty dicey. The relationship between a man and a woman. It is ‘dicey”cause I pretty much know that assumptions will be made and all of that shit. Oh well.. I’m fresh out of fucks to give though so… I’m gonna go on ahead and say what I want. Somebody NEEDS TO HEAR IT. Shit, it might even NEED TO BE ME. Now. Later. Whenever. I also know that this will serve as fodder for ‘Team #SingleAsFuck’/Team #IamEmotionallyUnavailableandproudofitbutIwouldlikeamanorwomanbutIamlonelyasFUCKthatswhyItalkaboutthatshitandhatecouples’ Again…Cook on! Cook on. @ your beliefs. Use it as tissue to wipe the proverbial lonely tears from you face for all I care.. 

In this particular situation, we tend to start doing things that aren’t just detrimental to the person that we are trying to spite but also to OURSELVES. In the midst of showing the other person ‘we don’t give a fuck about what they do/loving them anymore’, we pull a team ‘hashtag’ up top and do dumb things like ‘Let ourselves go’. Run around mad all the time. Try to do things that 

*Hindsight always usually bares some revelation that you probably could have done more but we don’t have the benefit of that in the present now do we? @ a CURRENT SITUATION. Sure we can be ‘told’ what that more is at that time but if ‘we don’t see it’, we aren’t gonna do it. It is just that simple. For whatever our reasons are.

**Well, I try to do that whenever I write but I am usually more specific…Still may hone in on some things that come to MY MIND when I think of this though… Take liberty with what I am saying though…is all I’m saying.

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