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Walking The Walk With A Person Who Is walking THAT WALK..

As many of you know, my wife passed. Here is a peek into things.... More »


(Chat Series) The 4’11 Double G’d Small Wonder known as @ModelCarriece aka Carriece Washington sits down with @Carolinaware’s Own…

We are DEFINITELY gonna touch on more than the ‘Double G’ part of her though…

Hey! First of all, congrats on your feature in Straight Stuntin’ (Coming in stores SOON BY THE WAY FOLKS..LOOK OUT FOR HER IN IT..)  again.. Really…really..really happy that someone like that featured you. I told you earlier I would love TO SEE WOMEN LIKE YOU REPPED in a major mag. That’s huge to me.. I also told you that I would like to show the World what a vibrant 30 year old woman looks like via one of my ‘Chats’ so thank you again for allowing me the time. Let me get right into the questions…

You know how we do here.. We keep a candid or two on tuck… Here is one from the door… 
The Warehouse= Me
CW (in this case) = Carriece Washington 

TW- Tell the folks where you are from! 

CW- Richmond VA

TW- I have to ask for those who have never been, is Virginia REALLY FOR LOVERS?? 

CW- Hell no lol

TW- What is your approx weight at present, height…you know..your measurements? I mean I KNOW ‘EM but tell the folks who may not know…. 

CW- I am around 120 lbs,  4’11 30gg-26-38 (Lets that marinate on the readers for a second..) 

TW- Wait? You’ve GROWN since then?? I mean I had you listed with FFs here…That still amazes me. Knowing that you came back from mother…We will get into that a lil later.. All of that in that little package! Sweet as my Caucasian friend would say.. Something physical about you that folks DON’T TALK ABOUT that you think is pretty special/What is your favorite physical feature about yourself… 

CW- My dimples and teeth

TW- I’d say your eyes and your dimples.. I think those are widely ignored. That and your smile…. For the record.. What is your FAVORITE THING about yourself (non physical)….

CW-  I am a deep thinker

TW- Per some of our conversations, I can vouch for that. How did you get into modeling? Future plans/aspirations in modeling if any…  

CW- I started off hair modeling first then when I hit 29 I said, “Let me give urban modeling a shot”.. I just want to be published to be real.. I am thinking about doing TV as well..

TW- Good. I think you would be a natural on TV…. So what type of music is it that you truly enjoy…  

CW- Go Go and R&B…

TW- That DMV in ya… @ Go Go. I can dig it. What is your guilty pleasure song(s)…..

CW- Right at this moment it is “Bandz” make her dance by Juicy J…

TW- As much as I don’t want to ‘like’ that song, I see why folks do. Can only imagine what it is like when you get to grooving to that joint… Speaking of music, why haven’t we seen you in any music videos? Correct me if we have! :) 

CW- I have done some videos but only one hit MTV …An artist by the name of Tabi Bonney “Duhhh” is the name of the song  but still waiting on my time to be feature model…

See if you can find Carriece in the video….

3:07 mark of this next video…You can find Carriece here too…You can kinda put her voice to the the words on the page ’cause she talks in the video as well. With her dope Southern drawl….

TW- Country you haven’t been to that you would like to go to…

CW- Brazil

TW- Yeah you’d fit in there for sure! They’d love you in Brazil.. Thong or boyshorts? Favorite maker of said choice….  

CW- Neither! I don’t wear any lol

TW- Oh really now? (Scribbles on pad for the Cliff Notes version of this Chat..) Interesting.. Well about brand of jean that fits you the best… I know you wear pants so lets talk that…

CW- Haven’t found one yet because of my stats….

TW- Someone get on that urban jean line wear for gals with ‘stats’ please. ‘Preciate ya! Common problem for gals like yourself I see outchea.. Now because of this, do you often wear your own clothes in your videos and shoots?

CW- Yes. Everything you have seen on me is MINE. :)

TW- Your absolute favorite chill time outfit…. 

CW- Roll up sweat pants and Ugg boots

TW- You know folks assume you must workout really hard right? Do you workout? Favorite workout exercise… 

CW- I can’t lie.  I don’t (work out) 

TW- (Raises up one for genetics) One drink that you could not do without… One food that you could not do without.. 

CW- That would be Coconut water and Lobster.

TW- Name your three favorite beaches (they could be anywhere in the World)  

CW- South Beach is the only thing that come to my mind

TW- It is my favorite beach in the Continental so I will take that answer.. @ South Beach. I don’t blame you. Do you follow sports? Which ones. Favorite teams…  

CW- Nope I hate sports but if I had a boyfriend I would enjoy it with him.

TW- Oh boy.. the FLOODGATES TO YOUR DMS have NOW BEEN OPENED. @ that first part. Good luck and God speed on that one! @ no boyfriend. :) Lollipops or Gum? Pick one..

CW-  gum

TW- Would you do FULL NUDITY if done tastefully for say a Playboy type of spread? 

CW- Yes. Sir I would

TW- (Gets Hugh Hefner’s folks on the phone…@ last answer.) I think I speak for everyone when I saw I TRULY hope that happens. @ some sort of Playboy spread. Or at least one of those WSHH type of videos. Biggest lesson you have learned thus far while modeling….. 

CW- Don’t wait for no one to give it to you, you got to get yourself babe.

TW- Tell me about your one of your favorite photoshoots and what made it so special FOR YOU. Do you bring your OWN IDEAS to the photo shoots/videos/etc or do you just let the person shooting take you where they want you to go. 

CW- Well it depends on my outfit if that sets the mood (I will use that). I may have a concept in my head and I (may) bring (it) to life and/or then I let the photographer take it from there. My favorite (shoot) is the very first one I ever did with the pink band around my head…

That would be THIS SHOOT fyi…

TW- Give me 3 things ANY YOUNG LADY PURSUING your line of work SHOULD know how to do/have in their mind to do/be wary of… 

CW- Don’t settle because you want it (fame) bad because you have to live with your actions for the rest of your life.. so don’t give your goods up for a short moment. Be remembered for your hard work not for your head work.

Keep your head up because not everyone is going to like your look. Learn to take the answer no and keep it moving.

TW- Give me the one thing that you are passionate about that would surprise folks due to your occupation… 

CW- Being a damn good mom regardless of who has what to say about it..

Lastly..tell the good folks where they can find you at. The website, the Instagram, Facebooks and all of that….. 

Carriece is VERY MODEST SO LET ME TELL YOU THAT SHE ALSO JUST FINISHED A SHOOT WITH ….I’ll let her status tell you with who…


 Here are a few more flicks of Carriece..

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