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(Words/Grown Folks Talk) Bounding folks by ‘your rules’ and then TURNING AROUND AND SAYING THEY AREN’T YOU..

This is one is touchy. I know it is. Too many folks around me do this. This is why I am writing it though. It needs to be said. Nobody is standing up to say it and ONE DAY, it is gonna land someone in trouble. So I will say it. Fuck it.

No statement EPITOMIZES what I am talking about than the ‘now ran in the ground’ statement that is the following…

You ain’t ’bout that Life…..

Don’t know who started it… but boy did they arm some folks with quite the ignorant catchphrase. Wanna ‘threaten’ someone’s whole ‘existence’ in some folks eyes? Utter this phrase… All Hell breaks loose. All the ‘Guess they told you…’ and that shit comes out of folk’s mouths…smh 

It shouldn’t though. Here’s why. (You knew this was coming didn’t you?) 

How are you out here telling someone they aren’t ‘about the Life’ yo u lead and then holding them to the ‘same standards and rules’ though? Where does this make sense? 

As I alluded to in an earlier post, it is like Mitt Romney holding everyone to his standards and laughing about it when they can’t keep up. Y’all were up in arms about him basically saying, ‘Everyone should be like me and just do XYZ…’ Fair? Didn’t think so. Y’all don’t look at it like though huh? 

Let me say this as plain as I can. If I don’t partake in a certain activity, then OF COURSE I’m not ‘about that Life’. So no, I won’t be out here doing XYZ. That also means I’m not ‘bound’ by your rules and way of thinking either. I’ve seen some of you pull this card out as a diss but quite frankly, it isn’t. You don’t get to say someone isn’t ‘gangster or G’ and then turnaround and act shocked when they don’t go by those ‘codes’. That is pretty silly. OF COURSE THEY WON’T. They aren’t. It is an oxymoron if ONE EVER EXISTED. 

Wait..let me back up a second. I know some of you ‘think’ you know what an oxymoron is but in reality, you do not. Let me help you out really fast. 


*Tell me you don’t know someone that lives FAR AWAY FROM THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THE STREETS BUT INSISTS ON PUTTING THEMSELVES SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF SAID STREETS? Lie to me and tell me you don’t know someone like that. I’ll wait… If you live NEAR me, you are lying if you say that. Plenty of folks who NEVER had those worries who seem to want those worries so that they can look cool to the folks who DO HAVE THOSE WORRIES.. You can’t wonder why I personally don’t feel bad for them either.. Didn’t have to be like they made it… is all I am saying. 

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