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Walking The Walk With A Person Who Is walking THAT WALK..

As many of you know, my wife passed. Here is a peek into things.... More »


(Music) JoJo aka @JoJoistheway with the Happy Valentine’s Day gift.. Remakes @IamAnitaBaker’s Caught Up In The Rapture #LoveJo


Thoughts? (Before you ask me, I LOVE ANITA BAKER and am not opposed to well done covers.. See Jeanne Jolly’s version of Same Ole Love)

In case you can’t access soundcloud..

You can listen to the whole thing.. @ her new mixtape…

JOJOofficial – 1. Intro
2. Caught Up In The Rapture
JOJOofficial – 2. Caught Up In The Rapture
3. Take Me Home
JOJOofficial – 3. Take Me Home
4. Glory
JOJOofficial – 4. Glory


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