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Walking The Walk With A Person Who Is walking THAT WALK..

As many of you know, my wife passed. Here is a peek into things.... More »


(Music) @FeOfficial camp coming with ‘the new': New @phontigallo & @IAmEricRoberson collabo ALBUM announcement & @zo3hree5ive BTS shots from the “We Are On The Move” video shoot..

So I imagine my hairstylist at the shop (Sup Toni!!) is squirming in her seat as I KNOW she probably already liked the post where Eric and Phonte made their announcement… Toni, HYDRATE.. She’s probably not alone. If you ARE NOT FAMILIAR with the work of these two gentleman then let me say GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND. (My search bar over there to the right is too though. Plenty of their work posted up here..) *

You can hear the announcement for yourself below.

We are gonna do some CLASSIC Internet reporting today.. You know where we take tweets from folks and turn it into... never mind... I will share this though.. My good friend Steph summed up my FIRST THOUGHT best with this tweet.

Looks like Mr. Roberson was in town for the homie Zo!'s video shoot for "We Are On The Move', a jam off of Zo!'s ManMade album. Shot in Raleigh, NC from the looks of it. So we have THAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO AS WELL. I call it a jam 'cause well IT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE JOINTS ON THE ALBUM.


*I will give Soulbounce credit as a 'source' cause I think they posted this first.. I will say that I saw it yesterday and just didn't finish the post due to a funeral I was attending. I know THEY don't care one way or the other but I kinda do. I'm a fan of their site so there's that..

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