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(Video) @JustBlaze on The Making of Jay Z ( @S_C_ ) “PSA” for the Black Album…

You know, I hear folks, right or wrong, accuse the deaths of Pac and Biggie as being THE ONLY REASONS that Jay Z’s career even exists.

Say what you want * but it is things like this story by Just Blaze (and the ones told by COUNTLESS OF OTHERS) that confirm what I knew when I first popped in that BLACK MAXWELL tape in early 1996 to listen to the cat who I last heard ‘rap fast’ with Jaz-O and said ‘Damm, I think he might just have a chance to be one of my favorite rappers) @ what later became ‘Reasonable Doubt’….

This man, whether you like his physical appearance, his ‘content’ or whatever, is great at what he does. Period. I’ve heard about ‘bitten lyrics’, ghost writers and all of that. Maybe it is true. Maybe it isn’t.

All I know is that Sean Carter is the truth on that microphone. That’s all I know.

*I don’t agree with that btw… I mean I find it LAUGHABLE that he was so irrelevant that he APPEARED ON SONGS WITH BIGGIE AND GOT DISSED BY PAC, yet he wasn’t a ‘factor’ nor that would he be but I digress. I mean I know your ‘older brother’ told you Jay-Z wasn’t a factor but the proof is in those disses alone. It also lives for those of us who were around. Jay did the ‘same number’ of albums that Nas did just two years prior but nobody is saying he wasn’t a factor so lets not cite record sales shall we? Just go back in that time period and look at Jay’s FEATURES, remixes and such… Folks DEFINITELY WERE CHECKING FOR HIM.

One of my personal favorites was where he ‘answered’ Pac back..

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