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Walking The Walk With A Person Who Is walking THAT WALK..

As many of you know, my wife passed. Here is a peek into things.... More »


(Pictures) I’m Not Mad At This X @Daniiloveyou_ shot by @FrankDPhoto X NSFW



Don’t open this work dammit..I’m trying to tell you. The first picture is FINE. The second and subsequent pictures after the jump are DEFINITELY NOT…

Smoking hotness for this rainy (well for some of us) Thursday…

You can see the rest of ‘em here..










@Daniiloveyou_leilani-leeane-frankdphoto-dynastyseries-09 @Daniiloveyou_BQkA7F2CEAID9Ec @Daniiloveyou_BQkBvS0CUAAHDtB

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