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(Words/Grown Folks Talk) The slut shaming phrase ‘What will her (future) kids think?" X Apes of Wrath Syndrome

Pretty sure you have heard someone sling this mud before. I know I have seen it tossed around like a firecracker anytime someone wants to make a woman ‘feel small’ about a picture being taken, a dress being worn or even ‘activities being performed’ that have ‘leaked out’. Rarely, if EVER is the phrase used for a man unless we are talking that ‘fake Mafia World shit that some of you think you live in’. Nope. It is usually reserved for women AND the shaming of the VERY ACTIVITIES THAT YOU CATS OUR HERE CLAIM YOU WANT TO ‘SEE’. Not sure how that works out logically for you but here are some examples…

Send or take a nude for your boyfriend and he gets into his ‘feelings’ and leaks it? 

What will her kids think…..- You

Have a good ass time down Miami and make some nigga’s WHOLE VACATION by being the fantasy fuck and leave it where it is should be gal… ON VACATION?

What will her kids think..- You

Tell some dude that she thinks he is attractive on the Internet..

What will her kids think- You

Hell that last one happened but it went a step further. Kid said something about ‘That’s my Momma’ and all types of niggas started pontificating about ‘How they would be and how their World would be shattered if that was their Momma’. Oh the lameness. 

So now every time a woman does something SHE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS TO THINK OF THE HER ‘FUTURE KIDS’? How Neanderthalesque of you. You must have corns on your hands. Really? SO you get to RUN AROUND WITH NO FUCKS GIVEN ABOUT WHAT YOUR ‘FUTURE KIDS WOULD THINK’ WITH YOUR HAPPY ASS WHILE everyone else has to ‘watch it’? Man FOH with all of that. You get to ‘hope and pray’ that your kids understand while she is ‘dammed to Hell’? Really? 

Let me break it down for you kiddies one time. You do realize that once you become a parent you ‘don’t stop living’ right? That there will be FAR MORE EMBARRASSING THINGS to your child then some ‘rumor of nudity’ or even an ACTUAL PICTURE that they may NEVER SEE? You guys are acting like you are ‘superstars’ or some shit and someone is going to come ‘running up on the kid’ with that shit. Even if they DID, any level headed kid, which clearly most of you weren’t when you were younger, wouldn’t care about that shit. They are embarrassed by their parents JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE THEIR PARENTS. There isn’t any more ammo needed. If a kid ‘loves his Momma’, he LOVES HER. He isn’t going to ‘stop loving’ her behind some shit she did twenty years ago… Maybe YOUR LAME ASS MIGHT jump off a bridge. That’s you and your unloyal ass..(But ya’ll niggas talk about loyalty and shit..I digress though..) Not anyone who TRULY LOVES THEIR MOMMA and has any COMMON SENSE. I mean you have to come to grips that your Momma was fucking PRETTY EARLY IN THE GAME ANYWAY once you figure out that The Stork didn’t just drop your ass off in the front lawn. 

Shit lets just say you ARE FAMOUS. So what? You see Vanessa Williams kids? They LOVE THEIR MOMMA. Period. You think Lourdes (Madonna’s kid) gives four fucks about what niggas got to say about her Momma? Nope. Not a one. More on why later… Here’s a hint…’Your opinion has no bearing on their lives…”

Just because your emotionally fragile ass can’t ‘handle Life’s truths’ doesn’t mean everyone else can’t. Ya’ll are some of the SOFTEST TOUGHEST MINDED PEOPLE I KNOW. One minute you are ‘I’m a soldier and I can handle ALL OF LIFE’S UP AND DOWNS….’ AND the very next minute you are Cottonelle out here. Single roll. Tearing up like tissue over what are the FACTS OF LIFE. Say it with me REAL SLOW…

Your mother knows what a penis looks like. She has felt one before. She has taken flicks, put on a fuck ‘em dress, flirted with, did things to make shit happen using her sexuality and ENJOYED IT, and done all of the things you want your ‘current and future’ female companions to do. (Or as a woman, you want to to do for you females out there that this applies to.) She has these things called FEELINGS and they didn’t get sucked out when they took the placenta out from when your sorry ass came up outta her vagina. Get over yourselves. The same thing applies to ANY WOMAN who can and will have kids. Been going on since the beginning of times. Long before you and your ‘baby feelings’ about the topic developed.

You cats need to make up your mind. How is it that you can ‘handle some things like a G’ but when it comes to this shit, you are soft as baby shit? You are cold hearted and a snake with the best of ‘em but this little bit of action makes you tendercuts? Man please… Oh and lets not get started on those of you who felt that you were ‘picked on as a child’ who employ this tactic of slut shaming… For WHATEVER REASON YOU FELT YOU GOT PICKED ON…

You are the same ‘kids’ that would try to  use that knowledge as a defense mechanism to deflect from the BULLSHIT you got going on in your life UNPROVOKED as a child. I see you have bought grade school to adulthood with you. Good job. Talking about you ‘care’. You don’t care. FOH champ. 

Some of you really do SUFFER FROM Apes of Wrath syndrome. The way you think makes me think that you believe the ‘stork delivered you’. Which in turn, you think allows you to stand in judgement of  every other women who does ANYTHING remotely ‘dirty’ in your mind. ‘Cause you have somehow, resolved it in that delusional head of yours that it is okay to be that way about the subject. Then there is THAT PESKY FACT THAT YOU WANT TO SEE THEM DO ALL THE DIRTY THINGS THEY DO while still standing in judgment. You are no better than those GOP cats that voted against equal pay for woman. You’d probably be the type of cat to tell a woman to go ‘get a job making as much as I can’ knowing you have made it so SHE CAN’T DO IT due to the bullshit. That’s the type of cat you are if you think this shit is ‘okay’…Yet you don’t like it when cats ‘set you up to fail’ like that. @ wanting one thing and then condemning folks for it when they do it.

As I always say on here, I can’t WAIT for the day that you find out your Momma, your favorite Auntie or whatever woman you hold NEAR AND DEAR to your heart breaks your lil fragile ego up with the revelation that she too has ‘taken some risque photos’. That she too, knows the touch of your Father’s best friend IN WAYS THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO NOT KISS HER EVER AGAIN.  I wonder if that will send you into a reclusive hole never to be seen again? @ it changing your ‘whole World’. Knowing that without her, you wouldn’t be shit but now your ideals have you conflicted saying ‘she isn’t shit’. Questioning your whole shit. **


I would love to see that devastation that would be you finding out that the ‘little quiet meek girl’ you thought you ‘chose’ ’cause neither you or your ‘pimp these hoes’ friends had never hit before kinda has a little reputation for having that ‘fire mouth’ and cats are basically letting you know it without…coming out and saying it. I know a few cats who have had that ‘happen’. That devastation, while I normally wouldn’t wish it on ANYONE for nothing, was one I thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t wait for that moment to happen to some of you. See you walking around all ‘dazed and confused’ and shit. lol  Out here thinking you ‘taught her something’ like your name is Yeezy and you end up talking like Chris Rock did in the skit. Talking about…

I gotta thank…..  then.. He reupholstered this here… (Chris Rock Voice) 

I love it when that happens to you ‘pimps and players’. You thought you were gonna just go down the aisles of ‘Get You A Dream Wife/Girl’, with THE FAIRY GODSLUT IN TOW for consultation purposes,  you were just gonna pick your Queen right out huh? She was just gonna come out the box sucking and fucking ALL THE RIGHT? With no miles huh? No experiences to share but KNOW EVERYTHING HUH? That’s how you saw it happening? Then you my friend, are DELUSIONAL. Yeah plair. Sure you’re right…As if you were the Chosen One and shit…. You got ‘chose’ aight..

I would say the standard “I can’t wait for you to have daughters’ but I don’t want ANY LITTLE GIRL to have to grow up with the ideal that ‘any and all actions’ will have her PERMANENTLY DEEMED TO BE A HOE while already having to deal with the logistics of even having a guy LIKE HER and dealing with an asshole for a Father who deems it necessary to act like she is the second coming of the Virgin Mary.  One who is NEVER GOING TO ALLOW HER TO BE A HUMAN BEING and is going to try to his best to raise a SOCIALLY AWKWARD human being at the behest of his own ego….

Same Father who ‘doesn’t love any of these women out here’ and treats them like they are second class citizens that are here merely for his viewing and fucking pleasure. Naw..I don’t want that for some young lady. Some cat who is gonna smother his little girl in fear that some cat is going to do EXACTLY what he and some young lady did in his heyday. So no I don’t want that for any young lady. I’m all for him teaching her ‘the game’ don’t get me wrong but just like any other ‘game’, ‘the game’ entails some inherently flawed shit. 

The main one being that you ‘can never recover from shit you did in the past’……which is…THE BIGGEST CROCK OF BULLSHIT EVER. 

Maybe you can’t recover from it in the eyes of motherfuckers who don’t have shit, have no bearing on you Life and wish they DID or won’t be shit anyway. Maybe in THAT CROWD. Lets keep it funky, those folks SHOULDN’T MATTER ANYWAY THOUGH. Fuck them. Let them keep living on their ‘high school merits’, what they ‘used to be able to pull’ and what they could have been if ‘such and such didn’t happen’. Aka ‘I was the ‘man/woman’ back 20 years ago.* Who really gives a fuck about ‘them’? I know I don’t. Fuck ‘em. Straight like that. Nobody has time for ‘bitter persecutors’ and their agendas mayne. For real. 

Four years from now, if you are still talking about something that ‘happened to such and such’ with vigor, I have to wonder…’Just what is YOUR LIFE LIKE?” that you take such pleasure in recounting some shit that ultimately has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU or the betterment of you?  So you what, you remember that such is a ‘hoe’ or that you ‘know of something bad that happened to them’?  Good for you. Can you remember the answers to that test on that application on that job test your ass keeps failing though? Can you ‘get invested’ in your child’s Life and maybe ‘get involved in that’ other than to see if he/she ‘has that family gene that might get you paid’ via the 380 jobs that the ‘League that you coulda/woulda made had the coach not been bullshitting’? Can you do that? “Cause you remembering sordid details about someone’s Life while not living the Life of an Angel your damm self just doesn’t move me nigga. Sorry. 

Ya’ll be the same FOLKS THAT ONE SOMEONE..lets just come out and say it..WHITE PEOPLE… to overlook your past so that you can get a shot to do whatever it is you want to do though. -_- Yeah…okay… 

What I find interesting about that ‘way of thinking’ and those who prescribe to it is that they are usually folks who have had their own past ‘cloud’ over them. They have allowed others to ‘dictate that their past is their present’. Folks who DON’T HAVE ANY TYPE OF CONTRIBUTION TO THEIR LIVES control it. So they in turn try to do that to others. That’s what I have noticed. I mean I have to say, if you think I give ONE FUCK about some cat that I NEVER SEE, WHO HAS NO BEARING ON ANY OUTCOME IN MY LIFE nor has ever contributed anything to it that I couldn’t have gotten myself YOU ARE CRAZIER THAN HELL. Maybe that is why I am not running around trying to ‘hold everyone’s past against them’ though. Some of you should let go of your own demons. Might clear your plate for to do what it is you are SUPPOSED TO BE DOING and not this gossipy, crabs in a barrel type shit you are carrying on now. 

ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A DUDE. Cats have gotten HIGHLY HOEMOTIONAL out here. That’s hoe shit. Sorry fellas. Stop listening to you super lonely Uncle who is gonna end up being ‘alone in the club at 40′. (If he isn’t already..) The same Uncle that your first cousins CAN’T DESPISE because he never got around to being a ‘real man’. I know he sounds ‘cool’ and shit but there isn’t shit ‘cool’ about running down folks about their past. He knows that all too well. He is CONSTANTLY being ran down about his. It shows every time he talks about ‘The Man’…. 

Ladies…you aren’t exempt from this either but I just felt I needed to direct it more towards the dudes this time. If you are participating in any of this foolishness, you are no better. Especially if you are just a ‘loose lipped’ dude away from having your ‘activities’ on front street. You need to quit it too. Let folks live out here. Being a parent (or as this post started out a POTENTIAL PARENT) doesn’t ‘exempt’ one from ‘doing shit’ and just like anything else, there are things that folks just have to accept. @ anything that was done that unsatisfactory. Ya’ll are REALLY quick to put that Scarlett Letter A on folks out here but just like the ‘Uncle’ up top, you want folks to forgive you for transgressions. Set the example and stop holding onto that past yourselves. 

 *Sorry homie..Life goes on. That 4-7 year run you had from say Middle school to High school, when everyone was still finding themselves is over. Most of ya’ll still living off the back of that. Fuck you at playboy/playgirl? Catch up. It is 2012… What is even funnier is that the things you did so well THEN you don’t even have ‘THAT’ to hang your hat on. lol

** For the record, IF YOUR MOTHER DID DO SOME UNSAVORY THINGS, I personally wouldn’t hold that against her. Especially if it was what was necessary to keep shit afloat. It is called being a grown up. She has/had needs and sometimes those needs probably helped her fulfill the ‘needs’ she acquired when she had you. Everything isn’t all glory… 


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