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(Music) New music X @RapperBigPooh – Jambalaya (Prod. by @9thWonderMusic)

Well…well….well…. I’ll just let the music speak for itself. You know the history I’m sure. Good to see it is all I will say.

(Music) So this floated down my TL so I had to share: @MrPorter2012. #porterchopsglasper inspired by @robertglasper

Download here Pretty sure if you know your hip hop you know he was in D12…. he was known as Kon Artist…. Here’s a sample of his production, in case you weren’t

(Music) ?uestlove out here asking what most folks wanna know: Will Little Brother return….

You know, when the topic of Phonte Coleman comes up, it is almost CERTAIN the words, ‘new album’, ‘Pooh’, ‘9th Wonder’, when, will, it, happen..REUNION..almost ALWAYS COME UP. At least twice in

(Video) Throwback Track @RapperBigPooh X Ft. @AbSoul @JayRock & @Kendrick Lamar – Nothing Less

This is really for my ‘younger’/less hip hop ‘headish’ followers who I have seen type/tweet/Facebook whatever that the Kendrick Lamars..the Ab-Souls…. and the like seem to have come out of nowhere/why wasn’t

(Event/music) If you live in Richmond, Virginia..@phontigallo will be in your area 8/25/12 at 8 pm

Courtesy of http://www.theforeignexchangemusic.com/2012/08/phonte-at-happily-natural-day-richmond-va-aug-25-2012.php….. Just passing it along ’cause I know some of you don’t frequent their site like you should. An Evening With Phonte | Official Happily Natural Day ConcertPresented by: Happily Natural Day 

(video) Cause you to me is Dr. Seuss to a Steinbeck A pro with the prose, what a concept- @Phontigallo

Things that I am thankful for… Good music. Enjoy the video.. Prose means Written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.fyi….

(Video) Courtesy of @KNdotcom….@RapperBigPooh… Speaks on "DirtyprettyThings, @Nas, @kendrick_Lamar and @Nottzraw EP..

Oh and he deads the Little Brother reunion rumors too but I didn’t want to lead with that. It isn’t like THEY ALL HAVEN’T SAID THE SAME THING now is it? @

(Mixtape) Folks always ask me where to start if they want to get into Phonte Coleman’s music…

DJ Flash of the J League just fixed that problem…Here you go. It is a true mixtape. As in the elements of DJing are present. You know…scratching…mixing. Maybe a lil transforming. You

@Pricefilms sits down with @phontigallo to discuss "The Wonder Year"…speaks @9thWondermusic

THE WONDER YEAR – PHONTE SPEAKS from Pricefilms on Vimeo. Just like the 9th audio…this is a MUST WATCH… Just in case you can’t see it..Here is a direct link.…I would have

One of the most underrated beatmakers in the game to me…@Khrysis….Making a beat..

Yes, all of my fellow fans of the people that I like musically know of him but the ‘casual’ hip hop fan does not. Hopefully that will change soon. You can either