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(Pictures/Videos) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week (Part 1): @XLoveTammy

A video update of my boy Evan Martin playing for Sdent BBC Nyon overseas..

(Video coming. Just posted so I wouldn’t forget it..) Still want to see it? Go here…Not sure how long they will keep it up though! http://www.lemanbleu.ch/vod/sport-actu-01112010?ref=nf I do this not only to

Just an Evan Martin update for ya’ll..I saw a lot of you checked for it so…

Plus, if it were my boy, family member, what have you, I would want to know too. His stats are good but I know he can’t be happy about the losses. Team

Evan Martin…My boy over in Switzerland (Sdent BBC Nyon) doing what he does..Balling..

(Evan Martin….At the Lennell Jackson Classic in Newark, Delaware..Some of you in my Facebook played in this VERY game or tourney) .I know you heard ‘whispers’ that he plays overseas. He does.