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(Pictures) Gotta bring the New Year in right X @FrenchRosebud (NSFW)

A lil old.. and a lil new.. Enjoy. One of the highlights of the blog in 2012 @ her interview here.. http://thewarehous.blogspot.com/2012/09/chat-series-carolinawares-own-chat.html

(Chat Series) @Carolinaware’s Own Chat Series: Former 2 X Chromosome of the Week: @FrenchRoseBud talks authors, @smoothmagazine and more…..

 CW- Thank you for your time!   And I wanted to add I love all my fans and all the support they show me. Everybody talks about haters but who cares about them?

(Video) @Frenchrosebud X BTS video of shoot w/ @alumasgfx

(Pictures/NSFW) @FrenchRosebud aka Rosee’ Divine X Reppin’ NY X @PonyKicks

She can do that though.. even though she is from France..

(Pictures) @FrenchRosebud X StraightStuntin’/ @SmoothMagazine cover X Candids

A few flicks..

(Pictures) @FrenchRosebud X Just an update or two.

‘Something’ happened with her old Twitter.. smh I read the messages there and basically smell ‘bullshit’ @ the reasons it was hacked. Over videos that were ALREADY OUT IN TRAILER FORM? Naw

(Pictures) @FrenchRoseBud X @SmoothMagazine Cover X Weekly ‘wrap up’

(Gets outta the way as you don’t wanna hear from me. You cane to see her)

(Pictures) Fun Friday X NSFW X @FrenchRoseBud X @Bluestar


(Vidoe/NSFW) Wait..Wait..@TheFrenchRosee X Gets ‘bucket’ for @Bluestarlive

This makes the TWO other videos that she has (that is on the right) out look TAME.. Hat tip to her mayne.. For real. Yeah….ummm….well..umm..Let me get outta your way here.  In

(Video) @FrenchRoseBud X WSHH…Down Miami…

Former 2 X of the Week…http://thewarehous.blogspot.com/2011/12/pictures-twitter-2-x-chromosome-of-week_22.html I remember when she put these flicks up from this shoot. Been waiting on the video….