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(Fun Friday/Video) Jiselle Hernandez aka @JiselleArianne X BTS Rob Lo

Jiselle Hernandez BTS Rob Lo from Nicholas Ramirez on Vimeo.

(Video) @SerenaWilliams X Miami X Bikini X Part 32238937

Crazy thing is, we won’t get tired of seeing her. I know I won’t.. She just made me want to workout… on my day of rest from working out.. Good lord that

(Video) Hope his ‘pride’ and credibility sustain him in jail X Florida Bouncers kills co-workers over a video posted on Facebook..

Wauw… He was wrong. The flip to this is simple though. You don’t know who will do what over what so the best thing is to not do things to people. Very

(Pictures) Get Familiar X @JennyRey23

This was supposed to be another Fun Friday post I got ‘too busy’ to post up from WEEKS AGO.. smh My bad y’all. Enjoy. She was in BlackMen’s Magazine as you can

(Audio/Album) The girl @cred_13 X The Stroll X New Album…

Lets see if some of you are true to your word. @ listening to and appreciating good music REGARDLESS to whether the radio plays it or not. The gal C-Red BRINGS IT.

(Pictures) Lets Get Familiar with @MissCindyPrado

Outta Miami…..

(Pictures) Get Familiar X @kristenlive

There isn’t much more to say. I don’t have to hype her up. Just look at her. She’s gorgeous. The end.

(Pictures) Fun Friday X @Zashias320

It’s been awhile.

(Contest) Former 2 X of the Week @Zashias320 X VOTE FOR HER! >> @UltimateMIAgirl X Ultimate Miami Girl!

Here is a link for the contest and her submitted video. She is a really SWEET PERSON and I often think that contests like these should be won by: A. A native

(Picture) One Shot X @AishaThalia (Shot by @Derick_G)

Actually, I’d say today was bought to you by Derick pretty much on the blog. Thank him too… Okay.. maybe more than one..