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(Pictures/Videos/Mega Post) Fun Friday X @JAMZZBABY X Get Familiar

Been awhile since I did a mega post.. So here you go… You MAY follow her on Instagram already though. She is pretty damm popular there. You definitely seen her around in

(Fun Friday/Video) Jiselle Hernandez aka @JiselleArianne X BTS Rob Lo

Jiselle Hernandez BTS Rob Lo from Nicholas Ramirez on Vimeo.

(Video) @SerenaWilliams X Miami X Bikini X Part 32238937

Crazy thing is, we won’t get tired of seeing her. I know I won’t.. She just made me want to workout… on my day of rest from working out.. Good lord that

(Video) @ochocinco given 30 days for smacking his attorney on the backside X Wow

She tried to make an example of that man. -__-. That’s terrible. Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.   Chad Johnson — Ripped By Judge for Slapping Lawyer’s Ass  – Watch

(Pictures) Lets Get Familiar with @MissCindyPrado

Outta Miami…..

(Pictures) Get Familiar X @kristenlive

There isn’t much more to say. I don’t have to hype her up. Just look at her. She’s gorgeous. The end.

(Pictures) Fun Friday X @Zashias320

It’s been awhile.

(Contest) Former 2 X of the Week @Zashias320 X VOTE FOR HER! >> @UltimateMIAgirl X Ultimate Miami Girl!

Here is a link for the contest and her submitted video. She is a really SWEET PERSON and I often think that contests like these should be won by: A. A native

(Pictures) Kelly Brook in Miami during her spa day apparently…

(Picture) One Shot X @AishaThalia (Shot by @Derick_G)

Actually, I’d say today was bought to you by Derick pretty much on the blog. Thank him too… Okay.. maybe more than one..