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(Fun Friday/Video/Pictures) @Yaris_Sanchez X Ustream Chat For Her Fans X Getting Familiar

Still reaching out to her fans even when she doesn’t have to do so at this point. Had her Ms. Haughton bang over her eye going on in the video..  Folks KNOW

(Ustream) LIVE tonight 9pm EST on @Ustream #WonderfulWorldWednesday w/ @9thWonderMusic & @MURS! They are CRITIQUING music. Get yours critiqued… @JamlaArmy

9th and Murs are working on something, in case you don’t follow them @ how this is all possible. Here is the Ustream URL…http://www.ustream.tv/ninthwonderful Be patient. @ start time. No links in

(Audio) @9thWondermusic X TUTANKHAMEN…

Tonight is NOT the night to ‘not tune into 9th’s Ustream… 40 BEATS…. live…. His Ustream’s are always jumping. I am usually in there. Hope to see you there…

(Audio) In case you missed it, @YoungJeezy on Ustream..Speaking on the album leak and other things…(Nothing Video as well…)

I think this is probably the BEST WAY an artist can reach out to his/her fans… For real. Enjoy.

Props to @vivaciousmodels: #VspotBlog: A VERY SPECIAL #TITTYTUESDAY WITH @KhrystiHill!!!

#VspotBlog: A VERY SPECIAL #TITTYTUESDAY WITH KHRYSTI HILL!!!  There are PLENTY MORE flicks at the link..Go click…It is worth it. They were on Ustream the other night and unfortunately got kicked off.

Ever wanted your favorite model to answer ANY question you have? @PRRocket321 did that last night on Ustream….video..

Add caption I can’t stress this enough. I mean…ANY QUESTIONS. Shout out to @cclarkfotos. She got into it all. Says she has more to tell. Peep the video. It is a LONG

Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week- @jazzybaby03

 (With her iPhone and iPad..reading responses on Twitter to the very Ustream these pics are taken from)  I am sure some of you have seen her but if not, enjoy. Very down

So….@Yaris_Sanchez got on Ustream with her girl Cheril last night….

 There are way more pics…and no I am not going to ‘tag’ them. They are screen caps for crying out loud..smh. (I have since learned that it looks bad…despite what I see

@JZAPAL got on Ustream (video) for a bit and showed us there is more to her than the pics..

She is very down to Earth and she sang for a bit too. I guess I should show you why else you should know her too huh? Okay..One or two flicks…Maybe….You can

Yaris and Cheryl getting their Rachel Ray on. Dominican style…and more

Yaris and Cheryl cooking up some things in the kitchen. Not in any particular order…. Here is the ‘and more’ part… In case you missed it…Getting her dance on..