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(Fun Friday/Video/Pictures) @Yaris_Sanchez X Ustream Chat For Her Fans X Getting Familiar

Still reaching out to her fans even when she doesn’t have to do so at this point. Had her Ms. Haughton bang over her eye going on in the video..  Folks KNOW

(Video) @RosarioDawson X GQ X Interview…

(Video) So @Nardwuar interviewed @Pharrell X Epic things happened..

(Video) @TygerBooty X Interview w/ @BootyPatrolTV

Her Tyger is her ‘claim to fame’ but I’m kinda partial to her smile and eyes as well. *shrugs* Anyway…enjoy the Former 2 X’s video…..

(Video/Interview) My girl @Jeanne_Jolly on @WRAL in Raleigh…

Nice!!! My girls love her. I’ve told them all about her story… @ her mother. Love Jeanne Jolly. Hope she makes and takes this music thing as far as SHE wants to

(video) @therealbigremo talks w/ @QueenBobbi about his new album ‘Hero’ & differences between Black people & niggas – YouTube

Big Remo talks his new album ‘Hero’ & differences between Black people & niggas – YouTube

(Pictures) @modelCarriece X One Shot X Straight Stuntin’ Magazine pictorial X Fun Friday

Go pick up the issue now!

(Video) @YoGottiKOM Explains.. man just listen.. @ recent ‘issues’ with other rappers..

Pretty much clears up a LOT.

(Chat Series) The 4’11 Double G’d Small Wonder known as @ModelCarriece aka Carriece Washington sits down with @Carolinaware’s Own…

We are DEFINITELY gonna touch on more than the ‘Double G’ part of her though… Hey! First of all, congrats on your feature in Straight Stuntin’ (Coming in stores SOON BY THE

@BobbyDimesOT invests in music X Article on www.delawareonline.com

For those of you who keep asking/wondering/etc, if Bobby is REALLY making noise outchea… Here you go…. In 2007, Bobby Dime$ had already been rapping for 2 years and had generated a