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@OTRecords…..unreleased pictures….@shizznitty…behind the scenes of ‘That’s Booty" video shoot

@KeenaOT is the young lady in the dress btw. @EAtheExec is stepping in the pictures… You should recognize Chuck 50 and DJ Bran from previous posts I have made on them.  I

Sneak peek…’That Booty’ by Shizz Nitty (OT Records)

Okay…I gave out a couple of photos of the "That Booty" shoot…

So today, you only get one. I gave some out on Facebook too. This one of a young man (a VERY FUNNY YOUNG MAN) who was walking by the shoot and they

That Booty…video shoot…behind the scenes…

I am going to put a couple of pics up a day of the video shoot until the actual video is released. Then I will release some more pictures that I took

Twitter 2 x Chromosome of the Week- Jazzmen ‘Black’ Contoure

Normally I wait until Friday to announce the 2X and if you notice last Friday, I DID NOT DO IT AT ALL. There was a reason. This Saturday, September 25th, this person

Get "That Booty"….Shizz Nitty…on iTunes NOW!!

Go get it!!!

Ya’ll got on me last week. So ON TIME this time. Yaris Sanchez…Weekly update. The TWITPIC QUEEN…

My bad on the delay last week. Hectic week. (Waves to the Twit Pic queen herself) Yes, I see you come every week to check on what I put up. I am

‘That Booty’- Shizz Nitty (produced by Sap)

Available on iTunes August 30th…

OT Records and DJ Bran EXCLUSIVE!!! Shizz Nitty- That Booty

Shizz Nitty- That Booty (Produced by Sap the Beatman) …On Deckery 2 on the way 7/30/2010