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(Pictures) Interesting snow sculpture.. Always nice to see pretty girls being creative..

Probably the closet to sophomoric humor you are gonna get on here so enjoy it. lol

(Pictures) @daniellefishel aka Topanga Lawerence-Matthews though X Fun Friday

Everyone’s boyhood dream just came true today…. Yup.

(Pictures/videos) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week (Part 2): @sashsuicide (NSFW)

It has been updated. PLENTY OF NEW FLICKS and some videos too.. Pretty much the whole post is NSFW….The post kinda nominated itself.. @ the title change.  It is Fun Friday now

(Pictures) Halloween candids X BTS pictures X @HeatherBianchi

You probably recognize her honesty. She has been ALL OVER THE PLACE. Maybe you don’t though so if you don’t, get familiar.

(Pictures/Videos) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week (Part 1): @XLoveTammy

(Pictures) Get Familiar with @jENNAMARiAHx aka Jenna Balsey (57 pic post)


(Pictures) @EmilyWetzel X Fun Friday continues..

(Pictures/Video) Get Familiar with @KatieDeLuca

Something for everyone today on the blog… Enjoy.. As you will be able to tell from some of the pictures, she is a semifinalist for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties… 5’8″, 118 lbs.  34-24-35

(Pictures) @IamMollyCavalli X Saturday Night Fun

I mean yeah…. Enjoy.

(Pictures/Videos) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week (Part 1): @KariNovelli1 X video by @RhoPhotos

You may remember her ‘Get Familiar’ post from June..