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(Pictures) @MizzDR X Insert Your Own Caption Here

What more do you want me to say about Diana Escotto that hasn’t already been said? Exactly….

(Fun Friday/Video/Pictures) @Yaris_Sanchez X Ustream Chat For Her Fans X Getting Familiar

Still reaching out to her fans even when she doesn’t have to do so at this point. Had her Ms. Haughton bang over her eye going on in the video..  Folks KNOW

(Pictures) Get Familiar X @MsJessica_Jones

Brunette beauty… very dope….. Very artistic picture….

(Video) I thought @GiGiLaModela looked familiar X You can catch her #WildNOut

This is where I remember her from…

(Pictures) A lil Summer Fun X @HalinaMiranda X BTS for @LowriderMag

In case you need a lil more..

(Video) @natisbueno24 X Get Familiar (NSFW)

Back to the traditional way we do things around here.. Starting off with a candid..  Height:  5’4 Weight:  115lbs. Measurements:  34-26-38 She was in the “All Gold Everything” video.. in case she

(Picture) Today’s "I’m Not Mad At This" is actually a few days old but hey.. X @SophiaVergara

Pretty sure y’all don’t mind… Been a lil busy. Sorry so late on it..

(Video) @SerenaWilliams X Miami X Bikini X Part 32238937

Crazy thing is, we won’t get tired of seeing her. I know I won’t.. She just made me want to workout… on my day of rest from working out.. Good lord that

(Picture) Today’s "I’m Not Mad At This" X Courtesy of @frenchrosebud and @IAmMaliahMichel

(Video/Pictures) Wait.. You didn’t know @canary_y3llow aka Alysse Reynolds could SANG too? Yep.. She is gorgeous and can sing…

Letting her curls flourish outchea….