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(Music) We are going to listen to this @FeOfficial together: ‘Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey’

Cut the music player off on the bottom of the blog and enjoy. Buy the music! The end. Thank you to the good folks at NPR for providing the embedding code (and

(Music Video) @FeOfficial aka The Foreign Exchange “Dreams are Made for Two” ft. @CarlittaDurand. dir @pricefilms

Asking me to pick my favorite FE song is like asking me to pick my favorite kid.. (A outside ‘inside’ joke if you follow The Foreign Exchange enough).. It is hard and

(Album cover designed by @CSphoto_design)/tracklisting) @Zo3hree5ive X ManMade album ft. @SyberSpace, @phontigallo, @gwenbunn & more

While I am over here enjoying the FE Music: The Reworks album (Which I still haven’t written about but trust me, it is coming), I am EQUALLY excited about the new music that

So….I’m going through @FEofficial’s apparel section and I come A VERY PARTICULAR ITEM.

Boyshorts for the Ladies...* Without even THINKING ABOUT IT, I KNOW WHOSE ORIGINAL idea this probably was…Any guesses on your end?So now in addition to me coping the Laughing At Your Plans

(Chat Series) The Warehouse ‘speaks on’ The Foreign Exchange’s (@FEOfficial)….Dear Friends…..

If you know ANYTHING ABOUT ME, I don’t really do the ‘review’ thing too well. I’m not about going around talking about music I don’t ‘like’ and ‘reviewing’ music would probably require

Courtesy of @ Soul_Sanc X @FEOfficial’s Greatest Weapon of All Time (live in Philly)/ A few pics from Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange….

Greatest Weapon of All Time- Live in Philly…. (Videos provided by the Soul Sanctuary) If you go to this link, you can see some more stills of the group on the road

So @FeOfficial was in Philly at the World Cafe Live! last night…two pictures.. @phontigallo @JeaneJolly @SyberSpace @nicolaymusic

I have some video that I will put up later after I chop it up and the like. Along with some more pictures. I just uploaded a few here to get started

Courtesy of my folk @Fave….. @FEOfficial….Return of the Mack (High Quality) Live…..video

The Foreign Exchange – “Return of the Mack (LIVE)” from Fave on Vimeo.

Return of the Mack..live performance…@FEOfficial….video from Falls Church, VA performance…

(Chuckles) Can’t wait to see ‘em in Philly. He even hit the Scarface rap on the breakdown..

The Foreign Exchange (@FEOfficial)..new video.. The Last Fall….directed by @MattKoza and @BrucePinchbeck

The Foreign Exchange – The Last Fall (Official music video) from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo. Gabriel Voss as Tyler (Male lead)Katy O’Leary as Tiffany (Female lead)Gabriel Caste as Mark In true