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(Words) Two days a Week….. The hour… It just might be working….

Two days a week, I take my middle child to have a little ‘time’ with someone. I sign her in…. the lady comes out and asks us how things are and off

(Words) Reconciling, moving forward. Never forgetting….

I always assume that those who have passed on to the ‘other side’ have this sort of ‘view finder’ that allows them to either see the future, see the past or both.

(Words) It’s not your fault (But I think it is ’cause I didn’t see it coming) – Some of You.

Had to retreat into my own thoughts for a second. Pretty sure you understand. The title speaks to the fact (AMONG OTHER THINGS) that when I told folks ‘what happened’, I could

(Words) The Truth….Wrote this a few days ago… Wasn’t gonna hit send. Things Changed.

Now, I KNOW for a fact I am not the only one who lost someone today. There is someone probably sitting down at their keyboard RIGHT NOW, whether it be their physical

(Words) …A short story about my Grandmother & one of my uncles..Now you know if I’m telling it…

 ….there is a reason.  No picture today folks..Sorry. I’m going to share a VERY brief story. I actually was back in North Carolina to attend the funeral of James Largent Isbell*** nee

Luke Campbell ‘disowns’ his kids…(Video)

There is a ‘little’ more to the story but like usual, WE HAVE ALL RAN WITH THE HEADLINES of it. Here is the clip though. He tried to ‘let it go and

Every child deserves to hear/know their father. That doesn’t mean a camera needs to be involved.

I will let you watch the video….I don’t want to say too much. Just watch it. I will reiterate that I don’t think the camera should be involved. No matter what. Some

Oran ‘Juice’ Jones..his daughter. Perri Jones.

Listen for yourself. Genes I tell ya… Oh you don’t remember ole ‘Oran’ Juice? Here ya go…

Well…Let me see how much I can cover since

I last posted. My father damm near went into a diabetic coma in November. He is aight right now, thanks for asking. Plaxico is an idiot. Period. C’mon fam, handle your affairs.