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(Pictures) Thoughts From A Balcony X @TynkBadAzz

(@Macmiller’s @therealsap produced track playing in the background)      More of Tynk..

(Pictures) BTS w/ @wankaego, @TynkBadAzz X @thereal_thais X @Lakeemali @modelmalay @travisporter #TravisPorterMovie

(Video) @TynkBadAzz dancing to @1FUTURE’s "SAME DAMN TIME"

(Video) @TynkBadAzz dancing to @plies "With You"

 Lets lighten it back up again…

(Pictures/Videos) @TynkBadAzz….yeah..there’s more in Orlando than Disney I tell ya..

 Pretty sure where ever she is at on All Star weekend (along with Theresa Runyon) will be PACKED…