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(Pictures) Get Familiar X International Edition X @DJ_Juicy_M

http://www.facebook.com/djjuicym Looks pretty but can she DJ? – You Here you go..listen for yourself..An hour’s worth of her Djing…

(Audio) @Janine_Mixtape X Bullets

This is a pretty dope offering from this singer/songwriter/producer/person who ALSO PLAYS HER OWN INSTRUMENTS… I love her voice. Production is solid. Looking forward to hearing more..

(Pictures) @R_o_s_e_e_ X @IamMaliahMichel in Turkey X Straight Stuntin’ Magazine X Candids X Fun Friday

Damm they looked like they had a cultured good time out there…

(Videos) @Phontigallo and @9thWonderMusic speak at the Music conference in PTA South Africa (Courtesy of (@wwwsahiphopcoza) Sahiphop.co.za)

I’m just passing on info here. Not ‘scooping’ anything. Putting it all in one place so it can be seen is all. Enjoy.