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(Pictures/Videos) @modelCarmelCndy X Informs her fans of her latest features…

Bonus video from her..

(Pictures) @modelcarmelcndy X Cheeky X #modelmonday

(Pictures) Looks like @iamsultrysimone, @modelcarmelcndy, @mslolajose, @MsAlottaBootie and more were in a pool this weekend…

I think if you are on Twitter you know whose party it was. I don’t have to say much more. Just look in the tags if you don’t know…I mixed in some

(Pictures) Pool party X @MsLolaJose X @modelCarmelCndy X @Just_Helena X @R_o_s_e_e_

So these are the ‘pictures of the pool party’ everyone was clamoring about? Oh okay. I can see why. Check the labels..All of them have been posted about here before. Matter of

(Pictures) @modelCarmelCndy X Cheeky…

I see @MizzDR and @AngelReignsNYC in some flicks too…  

(Pictures) Fun Friday keeps rolling along with the lovely @MsLolaJose (w/help from @modelcarmelcndy & friends)

(video) @KingMagazine w/@JHONNIBLAZE @KiyaRenae @Cyn_Santana @realjenyromero @officiallymeme @Sincerelyward @YONCEE @iamShenekaAdams

and of course.. @modelCarmelCndy Yeah…all of their names aren’t gonna fit in the title line but they DEFINITELY fit in this clip… Enjoy it… SONG: Chris Brown – Strip (Instrumental) Shot &

(Pictures/video) @modelCarmelCndy X @KingMagazine video X parody of @MIAuniverse song ‘Bad Girls’…X Candids

Too funny. Hope that M.I.A takes no offense to her doing this ’cause this shit is entertaining to me…  The King Magazine joint first though… SONG: Chris Brown – Strip (Instrumental) Shot

(Pictures/Videos) Spring is in the air I see. @modelCarmelCndy avi X @KingMagazine SNEAK peek X Cinnamon Challenge vid and more.

She is going to be in next Month’s King Magazine issue Oh a bonus.. They took her clown video down on YouTube..Here’s the Vimeo version.. Booty Clapping with a difference!!! watch to

(Video) @modelcarmelcandy X Clown Face X Clapping..

As promised..a VERY ENTERTAINING video from Carmel Candy…Definitely worth a ’round of applause’.It’s back up on Vimeo.. . Booty Clapping with a difference!!! watch to find out…… Follow me on Twitter @modelcarmelcndy