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Category Archives: Latina

(Pictures) Fun Friday X @ceecelanez

Just a few pics and vids..

(Pictures) Get Familiar X @clarissadejesus

(Video) Maybach Latina Luna Diaz ft Nikki Tattz

Probably don’t wanna open this video at work…although they do keep their clothes on.. Maybach Latina Luna Diaz ft Nikki Tattz from Real Luna Diaz on Vimeo.

(Video) With my lil eye, I spy …. #VanillaSkyAffair X Presented by @NEWDY302

What I spy is my gal Yaina..some thick thighs…chocolate and Mango……. Among other things. Looks like a good time indeed. More info on the party here..http://socialscenes.tv/vanillaskypromo/ Vanilla Sky {Delaware Children’s Museum} Wilmington,

(Pictures) @MizzDR X Insert Your Own Caption Here

What more do you want me to say about Diana Escotto that hasn’t already been said? Exactly….

(Fun Friday/Video/Pictures) @Yaris_Sanchez X Ustream Chat For Her Fans X Getting Familiar

Still reaching out to her fans even when she doesn’t have to do so at this point. Had her Ms. Haughton bang over her eye going on in the video..  Folks KNOW

(Fun Friday/Video) Jiselle Hernandez aka @JiselleArianne X BTS Rob Lo

Jiselle Hernandez BTS Rob Lo from Nicholas Ramirez on Vimeo.

(Pictures) A lil Summer Fun X @HalinaMiranda X BTS for @LowriderMag

In case you need a lil more..

(Pictures) Today’s "I’m Not Mat At This" X @AlynaSilva

I remember when she had 5k followers.. Yeesh she’s blown up. Nice to see though ’cause she is very nice (at least she has always been that way to me on Twitter..)

(Pictures) @ColombianBadass aka Karen Jael..Halftime Tweet…

Forgotten post.. From last September. But since it is HALF TIME NOW….