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(Words) Mother’s Day..Father’s Day…6/24….’Dating’???…. The kids….Life..

First we are gonna get right into 6/24. If you are in the know, (or if you keep reading one), you know that today is Melissa’s birthday. She would have been 36

(Grown Folks Talk) Email answers, Nightmares, questions and sleeping…

Been awhile since you have heard from ‘me’ I know. I would apologize about that but I have a pretty good pulse on my MAIN readership and I know that you guys

(Words) Who Knew That The ‘Cost’ Of Having My Dreams Come True Would Be ‘You’

As the Five Star song goes… “We used to be together…making dreams….making plans..” Building together. But instead of you ‘leaving that love behind’, I’m the one who is ‘left behind’. With thoughts

(Words) This first of ‘Firsts’ X Jane would have been 35 years old today X Happy Birthday

I’m not even gonna sit here and PRETEND that we had ‘all out bashes’ for her birthday. We didn’t. IF she even took off work that day, she would maybe go lay

(Words) "I’m just tired….."

I was watching the Dr. J documentary tonight, GREAT DOCUMENTARY BY THE WAY, and he was speaking on his brother’s death…. He got to the hospital just in time to hear him

(Grown Folks Talk) I had to get one of my ‘hers’ the help that ‘She’ needed..

Of course, by now, you know the backstory so I’m gonna jump right into it. “You know that you and the kids are gonna need to talk to someone…” – You“…….” –

(Words) I haven’t ‘stopped’ writing about her, I’ve just stopped pushing ‘Publish Post’ on it for a minute…

I know a lot of you are here because of that now. More thoughts coming. Just haven’t published some for lots of reasons. A. Pretty raw. B. Pretty busy. C. Pretty emotional.

(Words) Ummm.. yes it really CAN BE…. THAT DAMM BAD…

Language…language…LANGUAGE.. I tried but I’m writing from a raw place with no ‘go back and smooth things over’. Sorry. I”m writing to you from a place of vulnerability RIGHT NOW. Words blurred