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(Words) This first of ‘Firsts’ X Jane would have been 35 years old today X Happy Birthday

I’m not even gonna sit here and PRETEND that we had ‘all out bashes’ for her birthday. We didn’t. IF she even took off work that day, she would maybe go lay

(Words) My role didn’t ‘change’ it just finally got noticed X Father’s Day thoughts from me.. X Wingman X Call Sign is "Goose"

This might be one of those posts that some of you will be able to do is nod your head. I probably gonna be cryptic (surprise…surprise!) but I have to say what

(Words) "I’m just tired….."

I was watching the Dr. J documentary tonight, GREAT DOCUMENTARY BY THE WAY, and he was speaking on his brother’s death…. He got to the hospital just in time to hear him

(Words) Reconciling, moving forward. Never forgetting….

I always assume that those who have passed on to the ‘other side’ have this sort of ‘view finder’ that allows them to either see the future, see the past or both.

(Words) It’s not your fault (But I think it is ’cause I didn’t see it coming) – Some of You.

Had to retreat into my own thoughts for a second. Pretty sure you understand. The title speaks to the fact (AMONG OTHER THINGS) that when I told folks ‘what happened’, I could

(Words) How we’ve tried to redefine the DEFINITION of the word ‘mistake’ to suite our feelings based on the situation.

As usual, we are out here trying to reinvent the wheel. The word is ALREADY DEFINED. It is the application that is the issue. It is probably the wrong word to use

(Words) I haven’t ‘stopped’ writing about her, I’ve just stopped pushing ‘Publish Post’ on it for a minute…

I know a lot of you are here because of that now. More thoughts coming. Just haven’t published some for lots of reasons. A. Pretty raw. B. Pretty busy. C. Pretty emotional.

(Words) The truth….I’ve grown to not be able to live without it…

The truth. I’ve learned over the years that it is all I want. I used to want to be lied to so that I could feel better but once I truly learned

(Music Video) ‘Should I Stay’ By: Shareefa @gotreefa shot by

She kept it trill on this joint. Pretty sure someone out there can relate to this. Messy!!! Not far fetched though.. Yeah..it isn’t just us..

(Words) Not sure how I’m supposed to ‘Get Away From My Own Life" when my Life Always "Got Away With Me"

You know, in THEORY, I can understand the kind suggestions made by folks that I should ‘get out of the house’ and take some time away from ‘things’. I mean, a change of