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(Words) Mother’s Day..Father’s Day…6/24….’Dating’???…. The kids….Life..

First we are gonna get right into 6/24. If you are in the know, (or if you keep reading one), you know that today is Melissa’s birthday. She would have been 36

(Words) This first of ‘Firsts’ X Jane would have been 35 years old today X Happy Birthday

I’m not even gonna sit here and PRETEND that we had ‘all out bashes’ for her birthday. We didn’t. IF she even took off work that day, she would maybe go lay

(Words) My role didn’t ‘change’ it just finally got noticed X Father’s Day thoughts from me.. X Wingman X Call Sign is "Goose"

This might be one of those posts that some of you will be able to do is nod your head. I probably gonna be cryptic (surprise…surprise!) but I have to say what

(Words) "I’m just tired….."

I was watching the Dr. J documentary tonight, GREAT DOCUMENTARY BY THE WAY, and he was speaking on his brother’s death…. He got to the hospital just in time to hear him

(Words) What’s your definition of Trust? I trust you to BE WHO YOU ARE. X Difference between being judged and knowing you aren’t on the side of ‘right’…

Hov did that…so hopefully you don’t have to go through that…- Jay-Z @ the following things you are about to read. Pay attention. Lots of Double and triple entendres…You can apply some

(Words) @Chris_Broussard X Rebellion X Perfect Repentant (and still sinning) Patties and Patricks

.. and the rest of you sinners ‘hiding behind’ your screen names and the word ‘repetance’ to ‘bash him for it’. I have so many places to start on this subject. Yeah, you

(Words) Once I discovered the joys of telling the truth to folks aka I’m not changing.

The familiarity of the conversations that we have had over the last 3 years via that radio show makes MORE SENSE NOW. I NOW know who you are though but the approach

(Words) Two days a Week….. The hour… It just might be working….

Two days a week, I take my middle child to have a little ‘time’ with someone. I sign her in…. the lady comes out and asks us how things are and off

(Words) Reconciling, moving forward. Never forgetting….

I always assume that those who have passed on to the ‘other side’ have this sort of ‘view finder’ that allows them to either see the future, see the past or both.

(Words) How we’ve tried to redefine the DEFINITION of the word ‘mistake’ to suite our feelings based on the situation.

As usual, we are out here trying to reinvent the wheel. The word is ALREADY DEFINED. It is the application that is the issue. It is probably the wrong word to use