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Category Archives: Mental Health

(Words) This first of ‘Firsts’ X Jane would have been 35 years old today X Happy Birthday

I’m not even gonna sit here and PRETEND that we had ‘all out bashes’ for her birthday. We didn’t. IF she even took off work that day, she would maybe go lay

(Words) Intervention, Truth & ‘Moving On’ : Where I am at with her death at this moment..

These are all Facebook STATUS updates that I turned into blog posts ’cause well….I felt they were a little long winded to be just status updates. I am going to post the

(Words) Walking the Walk with a person who is walking THAT WALK.. – Depression

Update: I am so glad I made this post. I promise you, I almost didn’t push send. Here’s just ONE of the many examples why I am glad I did….I’ve received more