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(Music Video) @FeOfficial aka The Foreign Exchange “Dreams are Made for Two” ft. @CarlittaDurand. dir @pricefilms

Asking me to pick my favorite FE song is like asking me to pick my favorite kid.. (A outside ‘inside’ joke if you follow The Foreign Exchange enough).. It is hard and

@Jeanne_Jolly’s debut full-length ”Angels” due out 10/2 on +FE Music (@FEOfficial)

 Per their website: “We are excited to announce that “Angels“, the debut full-length from Raleigh, NC-based singer/songwriter Jeanne Jolly, drops 10/2 on +FE Music.  A member of our touring crew since 2011, Jeanne

Musical Architecture…: Zo!’s Top Five Moments of 2011 – #5 The Co-Signing of "Flight Of The Blackbyrd" by Original Member Of The Blackbyrds, Allan Barnes

Musical Architecture…: Zo!’s Top Five Moments of 2011 – #5 The Co-Signing of “Flight Of The Blackbyrd” by Original Member Of The Blackbyrds, Allan Barnes You should go read it… Here’s an

(audio/download) @Nicolaymusic (co-produced by @burnoff) with The Hot At Nights- Shibuya Session EP

Nicolay and Chris Boerner aka BURNOFF…In Philly this past May… @NickyBagz and @MattyBones on the drums and sax respectively. @ contributions. OPEN YOUR MUSICAL EAR UP PEOPLE… Broaden your horizons. As the

@medianJL "The Sender," produced by @9thWonderMusic a joint venture by #FEMusic x #Jamla ..audio…

 If you don’t know who this cat is, use Google. Moody can SPIT. Period. I have seen comments/tweets/etc asking where he has been. Again, use your Google as he has been making

‘My peoples’ interviewing ‘my peoples’…Merc80’s piece on Aimee Flint..Director of Operations…Foreign Exchange…

A.K.A the Glue…As I refer to her as. She does it all for them. I will let the interview by Merc80 tell it though. It is in three parts. ANYBODY who wants

Authenticity wallpapers…

They are now available. I thought I wanted the above picture as a wallpaper. Then they gave me more options. Link: http://www.theforeignexchangemusic.com/2010/09/authenticity-wallpapers.php

Phonte Coleman being Phonte….

@phontigallo: I imagine bein a club DJ in 2010 is like bein a world class chef that’s forced to make fried bologna sandwiches every night.What is particularly funny about that is the

Looks like FEOfficial will be streaming Zo!’s whole album tonight at 12.

The album is called SunStorm. You can listen to it at http://www.theforeignexchangemusic.com/ The album features the new single ‘This Could Be The Night’ ft. Rapper Pooh, Eric Roberson and Darien Brockington.