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(Video) @Frenchrosebud X BTS video of shoot w/ @alumasgfx

(Pictures) @R_o_s_e_e_ X @IamMaliahMichel in Turkey X Straight Stuntin’ Magazine X Candids X Fun Friday

Damm they looked like they had a cultured good time out there…

(Pictures) Yes even on Sundays X @R_o_s_e_e_ X No Filter X No Photoshop

Just her… Down Miami for a spell…

(Pictures) Aight, lets go in from the start. X Fun Friday X @R_o_s_e_e_ BTS of her latest shoot..

Sure that those of you who have been to South Florida (or live there) recognize where this is at. If you haven’t, it is a little further up from South Beach.

(Pictures) Something from @FrenchRoseBud to tied you over until the next NCAA game comes on..

This picture is causing a mini riot in my mentions right now. A certain famous rapper spoke on it and all hell broke loose. lol

(Video) When @FrenchRoseBud (Divine) promises her followers a treat, she doesn’t disappoint.

Gotta chance to sit down with her… If you haven’t read it already, http://thewarehous.blogspot.com/2012/09/chat-series-carolinawares-own-chat.html (Take a look to your right and scroll down) You’ll see we know ALL ABOUT Rosee here at

(Pictures) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week (Part 1) @TheFrenchRoseBud

  It is Christmas I said Part 1 so that is a hint….. Rather than leaving you twisting in the wind about ‘what her ethnic background is…” I will just give you