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(Pictures) @CubanDolllv and her lovely curves..I mean curls…

I think they are BOTH pretty damm dope though…. *shrugs*  

(Mega Post) @CubanDolllv X aka Anivlis…Another one..

She puts up TONS OF PICS so that is how these end up as Mega Posts. Otherwise, I would be putting up pics of her EVERY 3 HOURS…LMAO No complaints though from

(Pictures) Mega Post (62 pics worth) featuring X @AnivlisBomb

Looks like she is back online and still posting dope pics so I figured that now would be a great time to do a mega post. Her other post should have WAY

(Pictures/videos) @AnivlisBomb X Cuban outta NY in Cali…

I’ve been meaning to put this person up who I FOLLOW ON TUMBLR….Just hadn’t gotten around to it. Shame on me… It really is her btw…  If you were smart..you’d go to