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(Video) The Social Heathens (@demheathenboys) Presents: Inappropriate Homie Time II

Just something I saw that was highly entertaining… Don’t know them. Don’t even follow ‘em on Twitter (Yet). Just a hilarious take on friendships I happen to have run across… I think


If you are in the area, come on down. Or make the trip and come through.

(Words) Year One…. I never knew this would happen…

December 3rd 2013…. I think if you would have asked me if I would still be here this time last year I would have given you a resounding ‘Why WOULDN’T I BE?”.

(Music) @ShizzNitty and @BobbyDimesOT – Hands Up (produced by @therealSap)

Since my boy Shizz has touched down, he and Bobby have been hitting the studio up something fierce.. Here is a little heat from my boys man. Produced by Sap… It is

(Music) @BobbyDimesOT X Don’t Play…

The title SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.. For real. Bobby being Bobby. Letting you know. #UALREADY I have more from Bobby coming later this week. Time to play a little catch up.. Stay tuned..

(Pictures) Good job @DunkinDonuts X @Alysha_Y

Gotta thank my man Jose 3030 for reminding me to post about her ’cause I had forgotten until he asked who she was… smh

(Life) I don’t think it is just at @Walmart X Check your receipts folks…. The cashier may be skimming from you..

I think this scam isn’t ‘new’ per say… I just think that it is utilized more due to more folks trying to be ‘exact’ in the money that they spend. Can’t win

(Gif) @tpolamalu LEAPS over the Ravens O-line…

Not Troy’s first ‘leap’ but man alive…. Troy is a cheat code man. He JUST MISSED THE SNAP COUNT.. The kicker was like ‘Sheeeit….I”m moving. Naw… You got that…. ” http://d3fsqtc6sy2z27.cloudfront.net/uploads/a9d96ea1e201d3d20487985b3c43ee51_large

(Music) @Rapsodymusic – Mass Hysteria (produced by @9thWondermusic)

You probably caught her during the BET Hip Hop Awards show… rapping her tail off. Like usual…… Use your Google. She’s a dope MC. Period.

(Music) So good to see @Rapsodymusic get her due… @BET X Extended Bars

I could go on and on about her. She is that dope. For real. I won’t though. I’ll let the videos speak for her.