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Walking The Walk With A Person Who Is walking THAT WALK..

As many of you know, my wife passed. Here is a peek into things.... More »


(Words) Why being ‘broke with ambition’ relationships SEEM TO never get to flourish…

If you want to say this post is completely inspired by this tweet, go ahead. It’s your right. I’d prefer that actually. I will take a broke dude w/ ambition any day.

(Words) The Life of being an employee at Broken Wings and Things Inc.

Hi, I’m a head instructor here at Broken Wings and Things and I’ve been culled out of the back to tell you just a little BIT ABOUT what it is that we

(Words) Acceptance… demons… getting out of your own way…

Here I am. In a place that I could ‘see FAR OFF IN THE DISTANCE’ but never thought I’d be in again. A place where you are ‘naked’ and definitely ‘afraid’ at

(Music) We are going to listen to this @FeOfficial together: ‘Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey’

Cut the music player off on the bottom of the blog and enjoy. Buy the music! The end. Thank you to the good folks at NPR for providing the embedding code (and

Summer 2015… and a whole lot in between..

There is a HUGE GAP BETWEEN MY LAST POST and this one here so bear with me if I reference things that I’ve not ‘written’ in print (Not published is more like

(Music) Tune Tuesday : @RachelMarieLuv First Love prod. by @oBrianMusic

Things have been hectic. Living Life. Trying to do like the rest of you. Just make it through. This is one of the folks who helps me do that musically. She probably

(Music Video) @FeOfficial aka The Foreign Exchange “Dreams are Made for Two” ft. @CarlittaDurand. dir @pricefilms

Asking me to pick my favorite FE song is like asking me to pick my favorite kid.. (A outside ‘inside’ joke if you follow The Foreign Exchange enough).. It is hard and

(Music) @Rapsodymusic – DRAMA (prod by @Khrysis for The Soul Council)

Running outta adjectives for Rapsody. She just keeps getting better and better.. and better.

(Music) The homie Chris Skillz is back at ‘em.. @ChrisSkillz – Voices ft. @Raekwon

He promised us something dope. A man of his word.. You can click on his name in the ‘tags’ of the post to check out more. He’s all over the site here..

(Words) Mother’s Day..Father’s Day…6/24….’Dating’???…. The kids….Life..

First we are gonna get right into 6/24. If you are in the know, (or if you keep reading one), you know that today is Melissa’s birthday. She would have been 36